The misuse of UX in web design

After seeing the web evolved in decades, I have a question -> Is a UX person a developer or a designer? An ideal UX mind splits 50/50 between art and science. Can they be co-existed? Should we design for experience, or should we design for usability? Like everything in marketing, the struggle always lies between the emotional benefits vs. the functional aspects. Read More

Why do you need to pay for creativity?

This is going to be another ranting moment. But let me keep calm and be rational. I am a business owner of a creative agency which my livelihood depends on selling ideas and concepts. The service that a creative agency provides is pretty intellectual with all the designers using their brains to visualize their imaginations.…

Marketing becomes nerdy

The line of marketing has been a blurred divider for the traditional (I even feel irrelevant every time when I mention the term - traditional) marketing and the digital marketing (which is certainly NOT non-traditional). However, the shift of paradigm in marketing is more on the mindset, not the skillset. Read More

Endgame or New game?

Can we have a future-proof solution for the event business? A general consensus is to pursue a hybrid solution. Common sense, right? We can have the best of the both sides. I have come across some hybrid event business frameworks but nothing is an actual deliverable. I have seen the event organizers developed a website, a marketplace, an online business directory to complement an physical event. Some go beyond the static catalog model and do live-streaming of the content. But all these are not new. Read More