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I am a minimalist so I am going to keep this short. This is my years of experience summarized in one minute.

If you want to do lead gen

Use Google AdWords. Don’t buy keyword using your brand name. Come up with 10 to 20 keywords related to your service. Emphasize the customer benefit in the ads copy. Select the responsive search ad type. Then follow all the Google Adwords recommendations to improve your campaign score up to 80% or above (except don’t trust all the Google’s recommended keywords). This sounds too simple and nothing like what the search marketing gurus said. But you will get the visibility at an average $3 per click.

If you want to develop low-hanging fruit

Do pipeline management instead of CRM. Digging into your email database and start the EDM. Don’t overuse your list, keep it once per month maximum. Your EDM content should be concise. When you design your EDM, target 100% the recipient’s experience on mobile. Come up with a clean and vertical layout. Must provide the options of web version and the click-to-unsubscribe! Do pay attention on how it looks in the dark mode. Go with something like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor or something similar. They have more than you need for less than $15 a month.

If you want to optimize your website

Have your IT person to inspect your web server and the CMS configuration. Then come up with a relevant title for your homepage in 60 characters to describe your brand and your core service. Then focus to write content for your human audience not the search engine. Remember, SEO is all about the best practice of developing and maintaining your website content. Follow this guideline. It is free.

How do I know it works

Use Analytics. Google analytics or other analytics solution. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. A decent analytics solution costs you approx. $30 a month.

If you have no idea what I am talking here

You probably need help from a marketing agency.

I am a minimalist. This is my years of digital marketing experience summarized in one minute. Click To Tweet